Juniper Divination and Witchery

Divination helps us navigate life’s transitions with grace and compassion. It illuminates the unconscious, encourages self-reflection, and aids us in making informed choices.

I use this space to write about my journey with divination and magical practices.

Latest Articles


The new moon in Irish folklore

The new moon in Irish folk practices is associated with many customs for gaining luck, setting intentions, and starting growth for the lunar cycle.


An introduction to ogham

What is the ogham and where did it come from? Is it really a Celtic tree calendar? The aim of this article is to give a basic foundation of the ogham to provide context for later more in-depth articles.


New moon ritual ideas and journal prompts

The new moon is a time to set intentions, plan for your upcoming month, and also to honor this time of stillness and turn inward.


Full moon ritual ideas and journal prompts

During the full moon we have the chance to step back and reflect on all that's been created during this past lunar cycle. It’s important to also take time to pause, reflect, and let go of what you no longer need.


5 Ways to prepare for your first tarot reading

What to expect when you're getting your tarot cards read.


Asking the right questions - How to get useful answers that you can interpret from your tarot cards (even as a beginner)

The way you formulate your questions in tarot can have a big effect on the answers you get. Here are 4 guidelines I use when asking questions in a tarot reading.


Recommended books and podcasts for new witches and tarot readers

Books and podcasts that I've found useful in my journey.