Juniper Divination and Witchery

Divination helps us navigate life’s transitions with grace and compassion. It illuminates the unconscious, encourages self-reflection, and aids us in making informed choices.

I use this space to write about my journey with divination and magical practices.

Latest Articles & Tarot Spreads

The Path to Emotional Healing a Shadow Work Tarot Spread

This spread is designed to illuminate the hidden corners of your psyche. Delve into the intricate layers of your consciousness, unraveling the complexities that hinder your emotional well-being.

Parting the Veil - A tarot spread for Samhain

Engage in the mystical ritual of tarot to foster a powerful connection with departed souls, allowing their timeless wisdom and guidance to resonate deeply within your being, bringing solace, understanding, and closure to both realms.

Halloween Tarot Spread

This Halloween tarot spread is a hauntingly insightful tool that delves into the depths of the spiritual realm, bridging the gap between the living and the departed. Each card drawn during this mystical reading serves as a portal to uncover the hidden truths and timeless wisdom that linger beyond the veil.

Lughnasadh Tarot Spread

Dive into the sacred celebration of Lughnasadh with the Lughnasadh Tarot Reading. Discover the bountiful harvest awaiting you, learn how to give back to the community, and gain insights into what needs to be released to make room for a transformative winter ahead.

Triple Spiral Tarot Spread

Delve into a comprehensive understanding of your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being with the Triple Spiral Spread by Earth Sea Sky Tarot. Discover insights on your physical health, emotional focus, and spiritual knowledge, fostering a balanced and harmonious connection to the elements within and around you.


Beyond the Guidebook: Understanding Tarot Card Symbolism and Interpretation

Unlock the potential of your tarot readings with techniques to help you move beyond the basics. Explore how to delve deeper into tarot card meanings by harnessing symbolism, imagery, numbers, and more.


The Evil Eye in Irish Folklore

In pre-modern Ireland the power of the gaze held immense significance. In this article, we delve into Irish folk traditions surrounding the evil eye, exploring its causes, cures, and preventive measures.

Summer Solstice Tarot Spread

Harness the transformative energy of the Summer Solstice with our specialized tarot spread. Uncover what the sun illuminates in your life, the key focus of your personal growth this season, and the insights you need to harvest and embrace as you bask in the light of this transformative time.

Bealtaine Tarot Spread

Explore the transformative energy of the Beltaine tarot spread, designed to guide you on a journey of growth, protection, renewal, and release. Uncover the areas of your life primed for expansion, protection, and fresh beginnings, as well as the aspects ready to be relinquished for your personal growth and renewal.

Tarot for Ostara

Discover the power of new energy and alignment with the Ostara Tarot Spread. Unveil the opportunities ready for growth, gain insights on how your life aligns with this new potential, and explore what beautiful manifestations will emerge from these beginnings.

New Moon Month Ahead Tarot Spread

Explore the transformative energy of the New Moon Tarot Spread, offering profound insights into the growth and opportunities that await you in the coming month. Discover what requires your attention, what can be released, and the empowering energy to embrace during this new lunar cycle.

Imbolc Tarot Spread

Uncover what's flourishing in your life, nurture essential aspects of your being, and learn how to make room for new growth and opportunities, all within the sacred context of the Imbolc celebration.

Triple Moon Tarot Spread for Personal Growth

Embark on a journey of personal transformation and empowerment with the Triple Moon Tarot Spread. Discover insights on planning for the future, expressing your power and passion, and letting go of what no longer serves your growth and development.

Tarot for Connecting with Spirit Guides

Discover profound insights and guidance from your spiritual guides with this spirit guide tarot spread. Uncover the messages from your spiritual guides, understand their assistance, and learn the necessary actions to enhance your spiritual journey and connection.

Spring Equinox Tarot Spread

Discover the transformative power of the Spring Equinox Tarot Spread, guiding you to plant the seeds of intention and foster their growth during this period of renewal. Uncover what aspects of your life are ready to bloom this spring and learn how to be present and nurture their development.


The New Moon in Irish Folklore

The new moon in Irish folk practices is associated with many customs for gaining luck, setting intentions, and starting growth for the lunar cycle.

What Do I Need to Know Tarot Spread

Seek clarity and understanding with this transformative "What Do I Need to Know?" tarot spread. Discover your true feelings about the situation, gain a more accurate perspective, and uncover the steps needed to move forward with confidence and purpose.

Waxing Moon Manifestation Tarot Spread

Harness the transformative energy of the waxing moon with the waxing moon tarot spread. Discover what is flourishing in your life, unlock the keys to manifesting your desires, and learn how to access your inner magic during this auspicious phase.


An Introduction to Ogham

What is the ogham and where did it come from? Is it really a Celtic tree calendar? The aim of this article is to give a basic foundation of the ogham to provide context for later more in-depth articles.

Dark Moon Shadow Work Tarot Spread

Uncover the hidden aspects of your shadow self, explore resistance to change, and learn powerful techniques for integrating and healing these shadow elements through the insightful guidance of tarot.


New Moon Ritual Ideas and Journal Prompts

The new moon is a time to set intentions, plan for your upcoming month, and also to honor this time of stillness and turn inward.


Full Moon Ritual Ideas and Journal Prompts

During the full moon we have the chance to step back and reflect on all that's been created during this past lunar cycle. It’s important to also take time to pause, reflect, and let go of what you no longer need.

Love Tarot for Singles

Uncover the intricate nuances of your heart, mind, and spirit's connection to love, and identify the obstacles that may be hindering you from experiencing the love that awaits you.

Staying Grounded Tarot Spread

Explore the realm of grounding energies and inner stability with our specialized Grounding Tarot Spread. Uncover the obstacles hindering your grounding, learn techniques to stay present, and identify what to release for a more balanced and grounded life.

Full Moon Tarot Spread

Discover hidden truths and embrace personal growth with the full moon tarot spread, a transformative tool that taps into the mystical energies of the lunar cycle. Navigate life's challenges, uncover concealed aspects, and seize opportunities for self-discovery as each card sheds light on your journey. Illuminate your path, overcome obstacles, and maximize opportunities with the Full Moon Tarot Spread, guiding you towards a fulfilling and abundant month ahead.

Deck Interview Tarot Spread

Discover the unique energy and insights of your new tarot deck with the New Tarot Deck Interview Tarot Spread. Unveil the deck's teachings about yourself and understand its best use to unlock the full potential of your new tarot journey.

Giving Thanks Thanksgiving Tarot Spread

Embrace the transformative power of this Thanksgiving holiday and unlock a deeper understanding of gratitude and abundance in your life. Explore the Giving Thanks Tarot Spread to nurture a sense of appreciation and cultivate a life of abundance and joy.


6 Tips to Prepare for Your Tarot Card Reading

Discover 6 essential tips to prepare for a meaningful and insightful tarot reading session. Get ready to unlock the wisdom of tarot cards and enhance your spiritual journey.

Samhain Tarot Spread

Explore the transformative energies of the Samhain Tarot Spread, designed to provide insights into the upcoming year's changes, letting go of the past, embracing wisdom, and nurturing rebirth. Discover the guiding forces that will support you through the darkness of the winter season.


Asking the Right Questions - How to get useful answers that you can interpret from your tarot cards (even as a beginner)

The way you formulate your questions in tarot can have a big effect on the answers you get. Here are 4 guidelines I use when asking questions in a tarot reading.


Recommended books and podcasts for new witches and tarot readers

Books and podcasts that I've found useful in my journey.

Three Card Daily Tarot Spread

Start your day with clarity and intention using our Daily Tarot Card Spread. Discover what you need to know, what actions to take, and what to release for a more fulfilling and empowered daily journey.