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An illustration by Jean-Jacques Grandville

La Sibylle des Salons Card Meanings

La Sibylle des Salons is a captivating fortune-telling deck with roots in the mid-19th century. Steeped in the playful symbolism of illustrator Jean-Jacques Grandville, its imagery blends human and animal characteristics for a touch of social commentary. Unlike the structured world of Tarot, La Sibylle des Salons has a unique dual purpose. Each card holds both divinatory meanings and standard playing card insets, allowing for both insightful readings and traditional card games.

Curious about La Sibylle des Salons? I offer a printable digital download of the original Grandville deck that lets you experience the magic. Simply download, print, and start exploring! It’s the perfect way to dive into this unique divination system without a big investment.

This duality makes the deck accessible yet profound. Below you’ll find an expansive list of the Sibylle des Salons card meanings. As you explore these cards, trust your intuition and pay close attention to the imagery – it holds subtle clues that will enhance your understanding.


Upright Romance, connection, passion, desire, friendship, loyalty, affection, self-love

Reversed Obstacles, miscommunication, separation, unrequited feelings, codependency, neglect, heartbreak, lack of affection

A sincere friend

Upright Support, companionship, trust, camaraderie, loyalty, genuine connection, shared interests, platonic affection

Reversed Betrayal, disloyalty, gossip, superficiality, loss of friendship, isolation, social difficulties, broken trust


Upright Distance, temporary separation, time apart, space needed, travel, a break or pause, longing

Reversed Return, reunion, reconnection, unexpected presence, clinginess, unwanted attention


Upright Patience, delays, timing, trusting the process, things unfolding slowly, anticipation

Reversed Impatience, rushing, frustration, unexpected haste, plans changing rapidly

A lot of money

Upright Abundance, wealth, financial security, prosperity, material gain, windfall, inheritance

Reversed Financial loss, debt, poverty, greed, materialism, mismanagement of resources

A sweet letter

Upright Good news, pleasant surprises, gifts, positive communication, invitations, joy

Reversed Disappointing news, delay of news, negative communication, unpleasant surprises, misunderstandings

Contrariety, displeasure

Upright Obstacles, challenges, setbacks, opposition, delays, frustration, conflict, unexpected difficulties

Reversed Resolution, overcoming challenges, unexpected support, turning points, things smoothing out


Upright Sadness, sorrow, loss, heartbreak, emotional pain, mourning, regret

Reversed Healing, acceptance, moving on, finding solace, release, emotional support


Upright Rumors, backstabbing, slander, negativity, secrets revealed, loose talk, hurtful words

Reversed Discretion, truth prevailing, ending rumors, setting the record straight, protecting reputation


Upright Rage, hostility, aggression, conflict, volatility, outbursts, loss of control

Reversed Resolving conflict, forgiveness, finding peace, calming down, controlling temper


Upright Optimism, faith, resilience, light at the end of the tunnel, positive outlook, belief

Reversed Pessimism, giving up, despair, disappointment, feeling defeated, lack of faith


Upright Rivalry, opposition, someone against you, ill intentions, conflict, betrayal

Reversed Reconciliation, making amends, forgiveness, finding common ground, overcoming animosity


Upright Obstacle, blockage, delay, setback, restriction, limitation, feeling stuck

Reversed Overcoming obstacles, breaking through, finding solutions, progress, things moving forward


Upright Insincere praise, false compliments, manipulation, ulterior motives, hidden agenda, dishonesty

Reversed Seeing through flattery, discernment, recognizing true intentions, maintaining boundaries

Loyalty, attachment

Upright Devotion, faithfulness, trustworthiness, reliability, commitment, steadfastness, support

Reversed Betrayal, disloyalty, unreliability, broken promises, infidelity, lack of support


Upright Legal matters, contracts, negotiations, seeking legal advice, resolution of disputes, justice

Reversed Legal delays, complications, unfairness, injustice, need for a strong defense


Upright Change, inconsistency, fickleness, indecisiveness, wavering emotions, unreliability

Reversed Finding stability, commitment, overcoming indecision, sticking to plans


Upright Risk-taking, speculation, chance, recklessness, financial instability, potential gain or loss

Reversed Playing it safe, calculated risks, avoiding recklessness, financial security

The man

Upright The querent or a man in the querent’s life, potential love interest, career opportunities

Reversed An immature or recklessness man, delays, disappointment, unreliable or interfering man

The woman

** Upright** The querent or a woman in the querent’s life, intuition, femininity, potential love interest, mother figure

Reversed An jealous or manipulative woman, competition, controlling behavior, unreliable woman


Upright Endings, transformation, change, letting go, new beginnings disguised as endings, rebirth

Reversed Avoiding endings, clinging to the past, stagnation, near miss

Angry woman

Upright Fury, rage, jealousy, feeling threatened, aggression, conflict

Reversed Calming down, resolving conflict, finding peace, forgiveness


Upright Courage, bravery, facing challenges, taking action, defending what you believe in, discipline

Reversed Recklessness, aggression, unnecessary conflict, need for diplomacy

City house

Upright Social life, activity, excitement, urban lifestyle, new experiences, public life

Reversed Feeling overwhelmed, need for escape, yearning for peace and quiet

Country house

Upright Peace, tranquility, relaxation, retreat, nature, connection to home and family

Reversed Isolation, loneliness, feeling disconnected, longing for connection


Upright Commitment, partnership, union, love, long-term relationship, stability

Reversed Relationship troubles, disagreements, infidelity, separation, questioning commitment


Upright Health concerns, need for rest and recovery, taking care of yourself, slowing down

Reversed Healing, recovery, regaining strength, improving health


Upright Reflection, contemplation, intuition, planning, ideas, mental activity

Reversed Overthinking, confusion, lack of clarity, mental clutter


Upright Generosity, receiving, rewards, unexpected opportunities, blessings

Reversed Missing out, loss, disappointment, not receiving what you deserve

Loss of Money

Upright Financial difficulties, setback, bad investments, need to be mindful of spending

Reversed Recovery from financial loss, finding new opportunities, unexpected financial gain


Upright Help from someone powerful, support, guidance, feeling safe and secure

Reversed Lack of support, feeling vulnerable, needing to rely on yourself


Upright Deception, being misled, feeling stuck, limitations, manipulation

Reversed Avoiding deception, breaking free, overcoming limitations, finding solutions


Upright Travel, relaxation, escape from routine, adventure, new experiences

Reversed Cancelled plans, delays, inability to relax, feeling restless

Pleasant Activities

Upright Joy, leisure, fun, spending time with loved ones, positive experiences

Reversed Boredom, lack of enjoyment, feeling out of sorts


Upright Disagreements, arguments, conflict, tension, hurt feelings

Reversed Resolution, reconciliation, finding common ground, moving on


Upright Obstacle, delay, challenge, restriction, feeling blocked

Reversed Overcoming obstacles, finding solutions, making progress


Upright Wisdom, guidance, experience, support from an older person, good advice

Reversed Being out of touch, outdated advice, rigidity, resistance to change, feeling unsupported, lack of mentorship


Upright Unexpected news, sudden events, shock, astonishment, pleasant or unpleasant surprises

Reversed Anticipation, expecting the unexpected, no surprises, lack of excitement


Upright Affection, kindness, gentleness, warmth, emotional sensitivity, nurturing energy

Reversed Coldness, lack of affection, emotional distance, insensitivity

A blond woman

Upright A fair-haired woman in your life, feminine energy, potential love interest, gentle nature

Reversed Jealousy, gossip, manipulation, untrustworthiness, a woman interfering

A Widow

Upright Loss, grief, sadness, loneliness, independence, a single woman

Reversed Moving on from grief, new beginnings after loss, finding strength

Some money

Upright Unexpected gain, financial improvement, small windfall, extra income, modest wealth

Reversed Financial uncertainty, need to be careful with spending, scarcity

A letter

Upright News, communication, messages, invitations, written correspondence, important information

Reversed Delayed communication, miscommunication, bad news, gossip in writing

A Dark-haired Man

Upright A dark-haired man in your life, potential love interest, grounded energy, masculine influence

Reversed Jealousy, mistrust, unreliable man, hidden intentions

A Dark-haired Woman

Upright A dark-haired woman in your life, wisdom, intuition, feminine strength, potential rival

Reversed Competition, manipulation, cunning, interfering woman


Upright Loss, theft, being taken advantage of, deception, dishonesty, betrayal of trust

Reversed Recovery of lost items, protecting possessions, avoiding deception

A journey

Upright Travel, adventure, change of scenery, new experiences, moving location, self-discovery

Reversed Delays in travel, obstacles, feeling lost, lack of direction

A visit

Upright A guest, unexpected arrival, social interaction, reconnecting with someone, social occasion

Reversed Unwanted visitor, intrusion, unwelcome news, disruption to routine


Upright Success, achievement, overcoming obstacles, triumph, hard-won reward, recognition

Reversed Defeat, failure, setbacks, disappointment, loss of confidence