Juniper Divination and Witchery

Hi there! I’m Arabella, a queer intuitive tarot reader and acreator of unique magpie tarot decks and insightful tarot card spreads. For over 20 years, I’ve helped individuals explore their lives with clarity and compassion, drawing on my passion for environmental justice and personal empowerment.

Experience the Magic

I believe tarot is a tool for self-discovery. My readings combine my intuition with the symbolic wisdom of the tarot to reveal your core self, navigate challenges, and discover the most loving path forward.

Embrace Your Inner Wisdom

As an eternal student, I encourage you to question, explore, and connect with your own inner wisdom. My readings are a springboard for your journey, prompting you to think for yourself and find the answers within.

Ready to dive deeper? Book a reading and let’s unlock your potential together!

Learn from Those Who Came Before

Tarot, dating back centuries, has evolved from a game to profound tools for self-reflection and guidance. Whether you seek answers to specific questions, general insights, or clarity on a particular aspect of your life, the tarot can illuminate your path.

Tarot empowers you to gain valuable new perspectives on situations and relationships. It helps you tap into messages from your intuition and the universe, offering guidance without rigid predictions.

Take Your First Steps with Tarot

For those drawn to vibrant art and unique symbolism, your very ownmagpie tarot deck awaits you (or learn how to build your own). Or if you’re not quite sure, if tarot is for you, try an at-home printable tarot card deck.

Once you’ve got your deck you’re ready to connect with the wisdom of the cards. Dive into my collection of free tarot spreads, each designed to illuminate specific aspects of your life. Whether you seek clarity on love, career, or personal growth, there’s a spread waiting to guide you.

Remember: Tarot readings are not substitutes for professional help. I am not a lawyer, doctor, or financial advisor. However, I offer compassionate guidance and a safe space for self-discovery.