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Tarot for In-Depth Guidance and Clarity

Are you seeking profound insights and clarity into different facets of your life’s journey? Juniper Divination offers an extensive array of meticulously crafted free tarot card spreads, tailored to illuminate your path and provide deeper understanding.

Our carefully curated selection of tarot card spreads is designed to cater to various aspects of life, including love, career, personal growth, and spiritual development. Whether you’re navigating complex relationships, seeking career guidance, or exploring your spiritual path, our tarot card spreads are here to guide you every step of the way.

Dive into the depths of the mystical realm with our user-friendly and intuitive tarot card spreads, each crafted to offer comprehensive and insightful interpretations. Uncover hidden truths, gain clarity, and find solace as you embark on a transformative journey with our powerful tarot card spreads.

Explore our diverse collection of free tarot card spreads today, and let the ancient wisdom of the cards illuminate your path to a more empowered and enlightened existence.

Simple Tarot Spreads

Triple Spiral Tarot Spread

Triple Moon Tarot Spread for Personal Growth

What Do I Need to Know Tarot Spread

Deck Interview Tarot Spread

Three Card Daily Tarot Spread


Journey Through Your Inner Landscape - A Tarot Spread for Shadow Work

The Garden of Insights Spread - A Nine-Card Layout for Unearthing Hidden Wisdom

Lunar Tarot Spreads

New Moon Month Ahead Tarot Spread

Waxing Moon Manifestation Tarot Spread

Dark Moon Shadow Work Tarot Spread

Full Moon Tarot Spread

Healing and Health Tarot Spreads

The Path to Emotional Healing a Shadow Work Tarot Spread

Staying Grounded Tarot Spread

Love and Relationships Tarot Spreads

Weave the Tapestry of Your Future Love - A Relationship Tarot Spread

Attracting Love and Harmony Relationship Tarot Spread

Love Tarot for Singles

Work and Career Tarot Spreads

Finding Your Path - A Tarot Spread to Navigate Your Career

Holidays Tarot Spreads

Year Ahead Tarot Spread - Discover Your Path for the New Year

Halloween Tarot Spread

Lughnasadh Tarot Spread

Summer Solstice Tarot Spread

Bealtaine Tarot Spread

Tarot for Ostara

Imbolc Tarot Spread

Spring Equinox Tarot Spread

Giving Thanks Thanksgiving Tarot Spread

Samhain Tarot Spread

Spirit Communication Tarot Spreads

Beltane Whispers - A Tarot Spread for Ancestral Connection

Parting the Veil - A tarot spread for Samhain

Tarot for Connecting with Spirit Guides